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    39 hrs
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Bit of a mouthful, and as the name suggests it is focused on the supply chain within finance. What is the supply chain within Finance I hear you ask? A simple answer would be "improving the efficiencies of the accounts receivable and accounts payable teams leading to an improvement of the business's cash flow". By focusing on your cash flow you can provide extra working capital for your organization to invest in product development, stock or expansion. In today's current market cash flow is even more important due to the reduced availability of cash in the market. This has lead to the associated business processes being put under the microscope to find ways of improving the cash flow to provide a competitive edge against an Organization's competitors.

Skills Gained in various programs:

  • NetWeaver
  • Purchase to Pay Business Process
  • SAP Solution Manager
  • Procurement I TSCM 50
  • Procurement II TSCM 52


Functional or IT related discipline with 1 year of related IT or functional experience.

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