Montreal is a city with nearly two million people. If you count the Greater Montreal Area, the population is more than double. The most recent Statistics

Canada census has shown that over 130 languages are now spoken across this metropolis. Living in such a city can prove rather difficult for someone who speaks only one language.

Most companies in Montreal seek employees who are at the very least bilingual. But with so many people speaking English and French in this city nowadays, the playing field has been all but levelled. A person who is trilingual, however, obviously stands a stronger chance of getting hired, especially if they work in a field that requires substantial multilingual communication. Moreover, there are many major companies that offer bonuses, promotions, or other perks for knowing more languages.

Evidently, there are numerous benefits of being trilingual in Montreal: social, economic, political, and emotional. In other words, the more languages you know, the more enriching your life will be, in Montreal and everywhere in the world!


Excerpt from article written by Nadia Helal, Oct. 15-2018

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