Quickly improve your academic language skills to gain direct entry into Le Collège de gestion, technologie et santé Matrix inc. | Matrix College of Management, Technology and Healthcare Inc. Programs! No IELTS or TOEFL required.

Advanced Academic Program (AAP) English iis composed of three courses: 2 General English Classes covering Reading, Writing, Listening, Speaking, and Grammar; and an English for Academic Purposes Class. Each class comprises 1.5 hours per day, for a total of 22.5 hours per week.

Our classes use a communicative approach, in which students will be evaluated regularly and receive a Midterm Progress Report and a Final Report at the end of the level to track their progress and success.

General English (Reading & Writing) focuses on accuracy. Students will primarily practice and develop reading, writing and grammar.

General English (Listening & Speaking) focuses on fluency. Students will primarily practice and develop listening, speaking, pronunciation and vocabulary. There will be a class presentation once every four weeks.

English for Academic Purposes focuses on using the language for academic progress. Based on their level, students will primarily practice and develop Academic Writing, Presentation Skills, and Proficiency Test Preparation.


Based on their speaking and written test scores, students are placed in one of 5 levels:

  • Elementary (Level 1),
  • Pre -Intermediate (Level 2),
  • Intermediate (Level 3),
  • Pre -Advanced (Level 4)
  • Advanced (Level 5).

Each level consists of 8 weeks of classes. Upon successful completion of their level, students receive a Certificate of Completion.

Level Equivalencies

Level 1 Elementary CLB 3-4 Fluent Basic Proficiency A1 26-36 3.0-4.0 3-4
Level 2 Pre-Intermediate CLB 5-6 Developing Intermediate Proficiency A2 37-45 4.0-4.5 5-6
Level 3 Intermediate CLB 7-8 Fluent Intermediate Proficiency B1 46-61 4.5-5.5 7-8
Level 4 Pre-Advanced CLB 9 Developing Advanced Proficiency B2 62-87 5.5-6.5 9
Level 5 Advanced CLB 10 Adequate Advanced Proficiency C1 88-100+ 6.5+ 10



  • Communicate effectively and confidently
  • Develop a solid foundation of academic reading, writing, listening and speaking skills
  • Develop analytical and problem-solving skills
  • Deliver oral presentations and actively participate in class discussions
  • Learn about time management and study skills for success
  • Duration per Level: 8 weeks (the length of program study is dependent on the students starting level of language proficiency)



Take our Online Placement test and receive a recommended study plan


Review the study plan and fill out the Application Form


Receive a Pre-Admission Letter and pay the deposit fee


Receive the Official Conditional Joint Letter of Acceptance.


Apply for your CAQ and Study Permit.


Begin and Complete your AAP program successfully to join the next intake date for your pre-selected program from the options given below.

Program Fees

Brochure prices
Course intensity Lessons per week Weekly 25+ Weeks 25+ Weeks
Level 2 Pre-Intermediate CLB 5-6 Developing Intermediate proficiency A2
Level 3 Intermediate CLB 7-8 Fluent Intermediate proficiency B1
Level 3 Pre-Advanced CLB 9 Developing Advanced proficiency B2
Insurance Fee

$25 per Week

Registratio Fee




Price per Level
$2400 $2400 $2400

Entry-Visa related refund policy:

In case of visa rejection, a full refund of the paid tuition fees, except the non-refundable Registration Fee, will be made, given that the student provides the letter of refusal issued by the embassy at least 14 days before the starting date of the program. After this date, no refund policy will apply.

Intake Dates

  • 3rd week Monday - September
  • 3rd week Monday - January
  • 3rd week Monday - January

Intake Dates

  • 9:00 am - 10:30 am
  • 10:45 am - 12:15 pm
  • 1:00 pm - 2:30 pm

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Le Collège de gestion, technologie et santé Matrix inc. | Matrix College of Management, Technology and Healthcare Inc. is unique in offering student success workshops. These workshops are implemented actively for educational purposes.

These workshops mean to equip students with essential skills during their studies. Other types of seminars are also offered to students throughout their program to support them with different courses. These cover a wide range of subjects such as Goal setting and planning, Research methodology, Developing engaging presentations and Time management, etc.

  • I. Goal setting and planning

    • Goal setting: Expectations and motivations, staying focused and action plans
    • Getting organized: Study plans and seeking help
  • 2. Learning skilIs

    • Discovering personal learning styles: auditory, Visual or Kinesthetic?
    • Concentration strategies and improving memory
  • 3. Plagiarism

    • What is plagiarism? Types of plagiarism and referencing
  • 4. Computer skills

    • Microsoft office software and programs
  • 5. Reading and note-taking methods:
    Underlining and outlining.

    • Before class: reading and reviewing the Cornell method
    • During the class: focusing on main points, outlining methods, abbreviations for commonly used words and mind mapping methods
  • 6. Making presentations

    • Being prepared to provide examples, narratives, humour.
    • Knowing your audience and getting it involved.
    • Visual aids. Using your voice effectively and maintaining eye contact.
  • 7. Research methodology

    • Research types, methods and styles: MLA, APA and Chicago style
  • 8. Test-taking skills

    • Test types, time management at the exam session, testing yourself, reviewing for exam techniques and exam session
  • 9. Effective communication skills

    • Goals of communication output: expressing yourself
    • Barriers of communication input: gaining information
    • Understanding: active listening oral and written communication
  • 10. Cultural integration positive self-image

    • Cultural orientation
    • Social life, conflict resolution, dealing with harassment and bullying
    • Making friends and seeking help
  • 11. Team building

    • Competition vs. collaboration.
    • How to get organized in groups, diversity of viewpoints and skills managing conflicts
  • 12. Time management

    • Scheduling taking breaks
    • Avoiding procrastination
    • Evaluating the time needed
  • 13. Stress management

    • Types of stress
    • Assessing stress level
    • Sources of stress: Identifying your stressors
    • Preventing stress: stress-relieving techniques
  • 14. Critical thinking

    • Sound reasoning and problem-solving
    • Analyzing issues and making decisions
  • 15. Career path

    • What is your suitable career?
    • 5 self-assessments portfolios and internships
    • Examining your abilities
    • Networking, interviewing skills, CVs, resumes and job resources
  • 16. Le Collège de gestion, technologie et santé Matrix inc. | Matrix College of Management, Technology and Healthcare Inc. policies and regulations

    • Introducing Le Collège de gestion, technologie et santé Matrix inc. | Matrix College of Management, Technology and Healthcare Inc. students' rights
    • Code of conduct resolving disputes policies

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