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    2 Months
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    Instructor Led classroom
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IELTS Equivalent

CEFR Level
High-Intermediate level (CEFR level : B1) 

Placement test online ( site) or L2

Benchmarks / Learning objectives (SWBAT)
• Produce continuous intelligible writing
• Understand the main points of clear standard speech on familiar matters
• Convey information and ideas on abstract as well as concrete topics
• Express and respond to feelings such as surprise, happiness, sadness, interest, indifference

Grammar Concepts
• Mastery of: Simple Present, Simple Past, Simple Future
Present Progressive, Present Conditional, Present Imperative
Passive voice
• Frequent transition words
• Frequent adverbs
• Advice modals (should, must)
• Reported speech
• Prepositional speech
• Word order (verb + object; place and time – adverbs)
• Comparatives and equatives
• Reflexive and reciprocal pronouns
• Greetings (formal)
• Idiomatic expressions of self
• Superlatives (the worst, the best, the * est, the most)
• Comparison (much better, as, as ...than, *er)

Topics (to be revised)
• Friends and families
• Business
• Sports
• Adventure

Matrix EAP Level 

2 Months

160 Hours

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