• Duration

    1 Year | 2 Semesters (with internship)
  • Delivery

    Instructor Led classroom
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There is a high demand for qualified Supply Chain and Logistics professionals with knowledge of product procurement, production, transportation, warehousing and distribution.  An IT component is integrated into this program to teach students how to run operations in an environment that uses information technology. The program offers insights into the Supply Chain Management field, inventory and warehouse management, international procurement and marketing.  At the end of the program, students are placed in an internship where they can use the knowledge and skills gained throughout their studies.

Key courses 

  • Introduction to Global Supply Chain Management
  • Contemporary business management 
  • Productivity tools    
  • Effective business communication     
  • Introduction to accounting    
  • Introduction to finance  
  • Customer service and client approach
  • Laws and treaties 
  • Fees and customs        
  • Inventory Management, stocks and purchase       
  • Warehouse Management 
  • International Purchasing 
  • Supply Chain processing and operations 
  • Information technology applied to Supply Chain Management      
  • Cost analysis and pricing for transport and logistics   
  • Demand Forecast and purchasing calendar    
  • Marketing and distribution    
  • Internship or Professional Integration project    

Skills gained after completing this program

  • Analyze business problems
  • Inventory Management
  • Negotiate contracts for transport
  • Establish a transportation plan
  • Learn key elements to manage inventory 
  • Seek and select suppliers
  • Complete purchasing orders
  • Learn the concepts of international sourcing and customer profile
  • Prepare planning and procurement documentation
  • Learn how to perform various tasks in supply chain logistics
  • Manage storage spaces
  • Use processing softwares for data collection
  • Accounting related to logistics
  • Problem solving skills
  • Marketing concepts related to price strategy and logistics

Possible career opportunities

  • Logistics technician
  • Purchasing manager
  • Inventory or warehouse manager
  • Import/Export agent
  • Contract negotiator
  • Supply Chain Consultant
  • Supply Chain Planning
  • Customs agent

Admissions requirements

  • Quebec post-secondary Diploma or equivalent and computer literacy

Why study at Matrix College?

  • Experienced teachers
  • Small class sizes
  • Internships offered by the College
  • Hands-on training
  • Job placement services
  • Flexible payment plans
  • Latest technology used in the classrooms
  • Financial aid
  • Fun campus life


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