• Duration

    300 Hours
  • Delivery

    Instructor Led classroom
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In this program, students with a lower level of English will learn how to use English in an academic setting through practical activities in class. Students will build on their previous knowledge of English. They will develop a rich vocabulary and learn to write A-level academic papers. The students will learn the skills to read textbooks and to understand a lesson given orally by a teacher in English. They will also develop skills to interact with other students, teachers, and school staff.

Target Audience:

Students with beginner or intermediate level of English looking to enhance the quality of their academic work in English.

Skills Gained in various programs:

In this dynamic class, the students will learn:

  • To express themselves using a rich vocabulary and clear arguments
  • Understand a lesson given orally by the teacher in English
  • Specific vocabulary for their academic specialty
  • To communicate clear ideas when submitting academic documents and speeches
  • Skills to self-correct texts
  • How to format work for academic and professional needs

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